Goods And Services Tax (GST)

GST or Goods and Services tax in Australia is a value added tax of 10% on the maximum number of goods and services sales. This tax come with some exemptions which can be there on health care, housing items and some foods and one can also get concessions when one qualifying for the long term accommodation with the effective tax rate of 5.5%.

In many of the transactions GST is being charged when they are in their production process, but, can be ask for the refund to all parties when the chain of production before reaching to the final customer. GST is a less complex process that can leave employers in confusion, but, with our team of experts you need not to be worried about the complexity of the GST and its processing as well.

Any tax payment required to make done exact calculations of payments and dealing with money matters as well. With us, you needn’t to be worried about:

  •  We prepare for Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  •  Filing and adjusting BAS returns
  • Queries regarding registration process
  • Audit Assistance
  • Specialists in making you know regarding GST as like buying or sale of the property.

This tax is replacing the earlier federal wholesale sales tax system and it is prepared in a way to phase out at numerous state and government taxes, levies, duties like stamp duty or government taxes. These are complex matters which are handled by the experts of our team when you would choose us to do your task.