Tax Deducted At Source (TDS)

TDS as the name suggested is a tax collected from the source of your income and eve the aim of introducing TDS was to collect the amount from your income as the tax. With the concept, the deductor having liability to make payment of something to the deductee having the tax deduction at the source and then have to remit that in the account and these are the guidelines given by government.

Money matters are always complex and can be even more when it is the matter of tax, but, choosing us, for doing the task would make you relax as you needn’t to get stuck with the complexities of the tax calculation as would be done error free by the professional team. The person whose part of income is deducted as the tax would be entitled to get the credit of the amount so deducted on the basis of Form 26AS or the Certificate of TDS issues by the deductor.

We don’t just handle the papers and the tax calculations, but, also we suggest the suitable mode of payment to the clients to get maximum benefits.

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