People owing small businesses rely on accountants to seek advices. While having accountants in your team, all the crucial tasks such as maintaining books, planning taxes and meeting important financial deadlines becomes easier. However, you need a good research to get good Accountant in Australia.

By Following these tips, you can find right Accountant for your Small Business:

Understand your requirements

Before choosing the accountant, you must understand the nature of work, role and responsibilities that you want the accountant to handle. A non-certified accountant can be preferred if you want your financial statements and bookkeeping works to be handled. However, you need CPA to get advice in tax planning or audit financial statements.

Hire an accountant with experience in Small Business

Your organization requires someone who can work with small businesses. You must be bewaring of big accounting firms. It would be a better option if the accountant works with business in the same industry of yours.
If the accountant could be dealing with same clients just like you, he can obviously assist you related to making good decisions for welfare of your company.

Decide Either You Need an Accountant or a CPA Firm

Many entrepreneurs manage their taxes on their own. These days it has become easier for business owners to manage bookkeeping by using accounting software. However, at some point business owners feel the requirement of professional to manage taxes and payroll. It depends upon the scale of your business that you either you require solo accounting firm or a CPA. You must make it sure that accountants whom you choose are fully qualified and are members of prestigious accounting body.

Get Recommendations

You must contact different firms before choosing the accountant. It is always good to take recommendation from your peers. You can also ask about the experiences that they gained while working with bookkeeper or accountant.

Compare Fee structures

You must investigate regarding the fee that the accountant will charge you. All the accounting firms charges different fee for their services. Some of the accountants charge monthly fee that includes their fee to do taxes. On the contrary, some charge monthly fee for bookkeeping services and charge separate for taxes. You must also investigate that do they charge entry or exit fee?

It depends upon your cash-flow that how you will pay and this can be negotiated. Ensure to analyze your budget before making any decision. You may also discuss about the extra charges that are not included in basic workload of accountant.

Active on Social Media

Most of the accountants these days are active on social media accounts. It must be even mandatory got solo accountant or an accounting firm to have profile in LinkedIn. You must look at the reviews section to see the comments of their clients. This is a proof by society that they are having an active business and are recommended by their customers.

Accounting Software

It is very crucial before hiring any accountant to know that what software they are making use of for small businesses. Some of the accountants could be using traditional desktop accounting software.

The reason could be that do not want to shift to the modern online accounting solutions. You could like to invest in software with which you can grow in few years. You can also look for the discounts that they can get on your accounting software.

Be Sensible

You must act judicious while accounting professional for your team. Before you select any accountant, you must interview at least three to four candidates. The accountant whom you choose must fit in the structure and requirements of your business. If you hire an accountant that you do not feel is giving any benefit to your business, you must discard him. While doing so you could feel short-term discomfort but in the long-run, you will notice certain benefits of doing so.


You must bear in mind that efficient choice of accountant can help your small business to grow. While hiring accountant many of the aspects must be focused such as training, reputation and experience of accountant. If you are really looking for professional accountant, you can look for references from other small business owners.

Accountant is a crucial member of your team, he must be reliable, experienced and must be capable of handling the difficult tasks. If you will choose an accountant on above mentioned tips, you will lower the risks of choosing the wrong accountant.
Reliable Melbourne Accountants understand the requirements of your small business and provide you professional accountants to assure the growth of your business.

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