Accuracy in financial statements and tax returns are very crucial for a business.
The business owners want the business growth options to be explained   straightforwardly by their accounting services provider to make wise decisions. They want easy access to the reports that they may easily read and digest.
This is the reason why it is beneficial for you to utilize the financial analysis and planning capabilities of your accountant. Your accountant is a person outside your management team with the knowledge of your business challenges and he is in the position to assist you. Below are some ways you can take advantages of your accounting professional in a better way:

  1. Verify the growth options with break-even analysis

Your small business accountant assists you with setting up budget and forecast reporting. Initiate with setting up goals to be achieved in the next 12 months, and make use of simple charts and graphs to see if your assumptions will work. The report must not be enough complex, you can easily analyze how you have done in the past to make better growth decisions.
In such reports, you’ll see how fixed costs and variable costs compare with sales volume at different periods. This determines whether market conditions would influence your business.
When you have an idea of your period expenses and revenue over time, you may make use of this data to create a break-even analysis. All this together may give you a better sense of the market conditions you require for a profitable growth.

  1. Assistance in finding key performance indicators

Commence with key performance indicators, or KPIs, that matters a lot for your business type and build from there. If you are in retail, you might use inventory turnover.  In manufacturing, reviewing the direct costs may identify opportunities to concentrate on more profitable products.
In all businesses there are basic performance indicators. In most cases your accountant has this knowledge from working with other clients. Your accountant can give you suggestion on methods to set up KPI reporting and allows you to see their performance over time to make better decisions.

  1. Understanding of cash flow projections

Create the financial reports out of the accounting software to assist you in planning for what KPIs would require to understand to handle the cash flow. It is very crucial to know how the expansion of product lines, enhanced direct costs, the addition of employees or a new location can influence cash flow.

  1. Make use of industry benchmarks

Some accounting firms use different subscription-based sources or financial benchmarking analysis tools and provide them with a report to see how they make comparison with other companies in the field.
It is a good starting point, knowing what the industry-specific standards are for your KPIs.
Is your performance good or bad?
Are your cost ratios higher or are they within the norm?
When you ask these questions to your tax return accountant, it opens up a conversation as to whether change one thing could make a bigger and positive difference to the bottom line.

  1. Know the value of your business

Being a business owner, you have a passion for what you do. Knowing the value of your business is very important so that you may plan for your future you want to have.
The opportunities may exist faster; you must be ready for it with the appropriate valuation consulting so that you have an estimation of how much your business is worth during the market conditions.
You may then initiate with some degree of business succession planning to build up the people who might eventually take over the parts of the business.
This assists you to maximize the value and sale price of the business. Moreover, you must have few strategies to minimize the tax liability.

  1. Creation of advisory board with an accountant

There is nothing more crucial than a business advisory board. The accountant is just like a connected individual who knows other top-rated professionals who serve clients just like you but they have distinct areas of expertise.
Advisory boards are a cost-effective method to bounce ideas off of the professional in a safer environment. You must look for the right mix of professionals for your business that you will need depending upon the size and stage of your business. The business owners want their accountants to assist them in similar ways that a trusted advisor would do.
They need someone’s advice on budgeting, cash flow, forecasting, and analysis so that their business could be more competitive in their industry, fiscally healthy and strong.

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