The companies who are trading in accounting software are advancing their products at excessive speed for small businesses and accountants. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Xero, MYOB, Sage, etc.

The global brands like Intuit, Sage, and Xero represent more than 5 million subscribers in business altogether and in approximately a year their CEOs have either stepped down or are being fired. This scenario has been mentioned as the termination of the first era of accounting and a beginning of a new era by the onlookers

Online accounting software has extensively replicated the power of desktop accounting software this has been directly or by extensive ecosystems of suitable online applications.

Let us have a glance at the primary global and Australian Players:


It was announced at Xerocon that Hubdoc has been acquired by it, Hubdoc is used to fetch the documents from the suppliers. It can be exemplified as if the login details are provided to your telco, it will download the pdf version of the bill of your phone and internet, and will save it into the labeled folder on your cloud driver automatically, it is clear that XERO is moving towards automatic bank reconciliation process.

To extract the data just as due date, tax and amount and these data are attached to a draft bill for the approval and review, the optical character recognition along with other techniques are used for this purpose.

The furthermost step is to provide XERO with more control over reconciliation, if you offer accurate data about every transaction, reconciliation could be easier. Moreover, the capacity for tax payments within the accounting software is also an advanced characteristic of XERO.



Myob is working on different ways to enhance the quality of the data for the automation of reconciliation by re-examining the critical workflows. The online accounting software of MYOB shall get direct transaction feeds from office suppliers Officeworksand Tradelink for suppliers of trades.

MYOB has introduced a new feature of forwarding the email to capture the invoices and bills that can be used by the suppliers and the staff, also an automated invoice reminder for overdue invoices has also been introduced by MYOB. A client can add a reminder with few clicks so that they will come to know about when to pay.


QuickBooks Online

At least a year before XERO introduced automatic reconciling statements, QuickBooks Online did this. It provides suggestions automatically, related to the account-based statements that how the other QBO users are categorizing the transactions.

Moreover, it has a sturdy mobile app and Inuit drives the experience of mobiles much faster. QuickBooks Assistant works as a tool that is operated by voice recognition and displays the crucial numbers on the request. The voice-activated interface for the entrepreneurs replaces the requirement of mouse-driven technology. XERO and MYOB lag behind in focusing specifically on business owners rather than accountants which Inuit has always paid attention to.


Saasu: 25,000 subscriptions (estimated)

Saasu is the radical amongst the group, it was the first online accounting program in 2000 to get launched in Australia and the company renounced the venture capital path for the private ownership and organic growth. Its CEO announced that their business was concentrating on making international applications and in spite of targeting millions of SME clients, the new applications will be designed for microbusinesses, consultants, contractors, sole traders and e-commerce ventures.
Moreover, their new products will be soon released in the application stores for tablets and smartphones only. Their Project8 is a job management tool and Invoice8 marks expenses, payments and invoicing.



When it comes to accounting services, entrepreneurs are spoiled for the choice, so choosing the platform to go for will become even harder. When the software companies will integrate the tools like artificial intelligence (AI), an evitable improvement in the capability and performance would be clearer. Moreover, this will simplify the process of operating the business and the accounts.

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