When you want to access your super early, then you may need to meet a few conditions because there are certain circumstances in which you can claim your super early. The circumstances will be discussed in this blog.

When Are You Allowed to Claim Your Super Early?

You can claim your super early in certain circumstances, including to pay some expenses on compassionate grounds, terminal illness, and severe financial hardship.

Accessing Super on Compassionate Grounds

You can withdraw your super early on compassionate grounds to pay for:

  • getting medical treatment for your dependent or yourself
  • medical transport for you or your dependent
  • changes to your vehicle or home to accommodate your or your dependent’s requirements arising from a disability
  • palliative care for you or your dependent
  • funeral, death or burial expenses of your dependent
  • preventing the forced sale of your home

For release on compassionate grounds, you have to meet all eligibility requirements and give the relevant documents to support your application. Applications that don’t include these documents may not be approved or delayed. You can ask Melbourne accountants for the process of accessing your super early.

Accessing due to a Terminal Medical Condition

You can access your super if you have a terminal medical condition and all of the given conditions are met:

  • Two registered medical practitioners have certified, separately or jointly, that you suffer from an illness that may result in death within 24 months of the date of signing the certificate.
  • At least one of the registered medical practitioners is an expert practising in an area related to your illness.
  • The 24-month certification time period has not ended.

Accessing due to Worse Financial Hardship

You can withdraw some of your super if you experience severe financial hardship. Access on grounds of worse financial hardship is not supported by the ATO. You have to contact your super provider to request access due to worse financial hardship. There are no special tax rates when you withdraw your super because of severe financial hardship. Withdrawals are taxed and paid as a normal super lump sum. It is taxed at between 17% and 22% if you are under 60 years old. If you are above 60 years old, you will not be taxed unless the lump sum includes an untaxed element.

Accessing due to Temporary Incapacity

You can access your super if you can’t work temporarily or can work fewer hours because of a mental or physical medical condition. This condition of release is used to access insurance benefits associated with your super account. You will receive the super in regular payments over the time period you can’t work. There are no special tax rates for super withdrawals because of temporary incapacity. Withdrawals are taxed and paid as a super income stream. You can get accounting services where you can get detailed information regarding how and when you can claim your super.

Accessing due to Permanent Incapacity

If you are permanently incapacitated, then you can access your super. This type of super withdrawal is known as a ‘disability super benefit’. Your fund must satisfy the condition that you have a permanent mental or physical medical condition that stops you from ever working again in a job you were entitled to do by training, education, or experience. You may still qualify to access your super where you meet the above requirements but are undertaking other work. You can receive the super as either regular payments or as a lump sum.

Super Balance Less Than $200

You may be eligible to withdraw super if:

  • your employment ends and your super balance is less than $200
  • you’ve found a ‘lost super’ account with less than $200 super balance.

Stolen or Misused Identity

If you are worried that someone has accessed your super without getting your permission, you must check your:

  • myGov and ATO Online account and ensure your contact details are correct
  • super account to ensure that your account details are accurate.

You can contact your super fund if you find unauthorised transactions in your account.


The blog shares important information on claiming your super early. If you are concerned with how to access your super early, then you can seek help from Reliable Melbourne Accountants.